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February 16, 2006

transcript from yesterday’s white house press briefing

Scott McClellan: Good morning everyone, I’d just like to start with providing you an update on the President’s schedule for when we get back from Ohio. On the top we've got the signing of the Federal Deposit Insurance Reform Conforming Amendments Act of 2005…

David Gregory: Scott, when did you know about this?
McClellan: Um, I don't know, I guess maybe sometime between 7:00 and 7:30.
Gregory: And we’re only finding out about this now?
McClellan: I’m sorry, what?
Gregory: Whose decision was it to keep the White House Press Corps in the dark  for two, no, nearly three hours, about this, and I'm using your words here, “signing.”
McClellan: Nobody decided to keep anyone…
Gregory: Did you tell the affairs scheduler at the White House?
McClellan: Well, sure, I…
Gregory: So what you are saying is that you felt it was more important to notify the scheduler at the White House of this, but not the American people.
McClellan: Well, I…
Gregory: And by “American people” I mean “me.”

Gregory (turning towards camera): Is this episode emblematic of a White House paralyzed by its own perceived need for secrecy or merely another example indicative of the all-too-common difficulties experienced by…
McClellan: David, this is a press conference, not the NBC Nightly News.
Gregory: Fine, so where exactly will this signing, which we are finding out about only now, be taking place?
McClellan: It will be taking place at the White House.
Gregory: Scott, you’re not answering the question.
McClellan: I’m not?
Gregory: No, when I ask you a direct question, I expect a direct answer.
McClellan: Well, I thought I gave you a…
Gregory: You are not answering my question, just answer the question…
McClellan: I thought I…
Gregory: Scott, I wasn’t done talking.
McClellan: I’m sorry, I…
Gregory: ...Just answer the question…

Okay, now I’m done.

Norah O’Donnell: Good, maybe the rest of us can get a few questions in here now.
Gregory: Norah, baby, I know it must be tough, this unrequited love you have for me.
O’Donnell: What?!
Gregory: I understand what it’s like to have this all-consuming passion, in fact, I feel the exact same way about me.
O’Donnell: Oh, you are really something el…
Gregory: Of course, in my case, it isn’t exactly “unrequited” if you know what I mean.
O’Donnell: That’s disgust…
Gregory: There’s no “me time” quite like “Gregory time.”
O’Donnell: Not every woman in here desires you, you know.
Gregory: I know, some of the men do to.
Jeff Gannon: He does have a point.
O’Donnell: Who let you back in here?

McClellan: Does anybody have any questions about the Iranian nuclear enrichment crisis?
Gregory: The whatchit whosit now?
McClellan: The crisis involving Iran’s move to begin enriching uranium, a critical step in the manufacture of nuclear weapons.
Gregory: Did Dick Cheney accidentally shoot someone in Iran?
McClellan: What? No!
Gregory: So you are going to stand on that podium and categorically deny that Dick Cheney, the Vice President of the United States, did not shoot anyone in Iran
McClellan: Of course he didn’t.
Gregory: And we’re only finding out about this now?...


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