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February 17, 2009

Planet Moron Now on Twitter, Just Like The Cool Kids...

When we first signed up for Twitter a few months ago we hadn’t exactly figured out how we were going to use it.  Promotion?  Announcements?  Drunken rants?  Promotional announcements in the form of drunken rants? 

Let’s just say we are to planning what Timothy Geithner is to, well, planning.

Twitter, while basically just a short-message service, was originally created as a means for telling people what you are doing at any given point in time.  This aspect didn’t particularly appeal to us, as we don’t much like telling people what we are doing.  First, it just opens them up to being subpoenaed, and second, no one really wants to know. (“I’m eating a Rice Krispies marshmallow treat I found under some magazines!”)

While we were pondering how to use Twitter, readers slowly started to discover the account we set up and so we’ve started issuing “tweets.” “Tweets” is the official term given to twitter posts.  Yes, they could have just called them “posts,” but then you wouldn’t feel like a complete idiot calling them “posts” would you? (This reminds us of college when you had to say out loud when ordering a certain favored late-night meal, “I’d like a super-double Wuvburger.” And yes, such a place existed. Others remember it, if few in number.)

While we still don’t know exactly how this will go, some of our tweets will likely be in the form of the aforementioned “drunken rants,” (it’s really just how the math works) but because Twitter limits tweets to 140 characters (including spaces) there is a chance that through truncation, these might go something like this:

i'm walking into this bar, right? and the bouncer says to me, hey is that a chicken under your arm? so i look him straight in the eye and sa

We also hope to be doing short observations, jokes, and, given the character limit, pretty much anything for those of you suffering from severe attention deficit disorder. 

If, for whatever reason (Lost a bet?  On a dare? Believe Instant messaging isn’t impersonal enough?) you would like to follow our tweets, just sign up at Twitter, search for “planetmoron,” and click on the “follow” link. (Or go straight to the Planet Moron Twitter page.)

Twitter: Wasting your time in shorter increments than ever thought possible!


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Super double Wuv burgers!

Holy crappies, I thought nostalgia meant Linda Ronstadt and the girls from second floor Stone, but super double wuv burgers are the real deal.

Bell's Greek Pizza...

Posted by: Michael | Feb 17, 2009 10:31:00 PM

Now following you on Twitter! (I'm "curiouswork".)

Twitter is where the grassroots opposition to CPSIA is organized. Click on "search" and search for the hashtag #CPSIA to find us. You'll get a ton of information about this horrible law.

Posted by: Wacky Hermit | Feb 18, 2009 10:51:55 AM

Great! Thanks for following, and the tip. The CSPIA is stunningly bad. When an agency tries to allay your fears by telling you that you don't have to test your items for lead, but if you sell something with lead they'll come after you, two words come to mind:

Comedy. Gold.

Posted by: Planet Moron | Feb 18, 2009 12:20:35 PM

there's a way to make it easier for everyone to follow you. Use twitter.com/planetmoron in the hyperlink rather than twitter.com/home. Your hyperlink only takes people to their own twitter account. Or did you do that moronically on purpose and I'm too moronic to get the joke?

Posted by: Kathleen Fasanella | Feb 19, 2009 11:46:44 AM

If only I were that clever! Actually, just really new to Twitter and still figuring out the basics. I added a direct link in the post and fixed the one in the sidebar.


Posted by: Planet Moron | Feb 19, 2009 11:57:33 AM

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