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April 30, 2009

We Have To Admit, We Really Aren’t Big On Enchantment

Let’s say you are Jeff Zeleny of the New York Times.  The President picks you for a question at a nationally televised prime time news conference.  You’ve got one shot, perhaps the last one for months, so you’ve got to make it good. Heck, you work for the New York Times, the “paper of record.”  So, naturally you ask:

“During these first 100 days, what has surprised you the most about
this office? Enchanted you the most from serving in this office?
 Humbled you the most? And troubled you the most?”

Rather than waste a question on runaway deficit spending, emerging violence in Iraq,  or the potential for a flu pandemic as any lesser, non-New-York-Times reporter might have done, Jeff Zeleny zeroed in on an area Obama has curiously spoken little about since his inauguration, perhaps hoping to avoid the red-hot controversy altogether:

What, exactly, was the President enchanted by?  And when did he know he was enchanted by it?

Hopefully, Zeleny’s hard-hitting style won’t freeze him out of future White House press conferences, as we have been told that there is plenty more where that came from:

Other Questions Jeff Zeleny Would Like To Ask The President:

If you could be any tree, what kind of tree would you be?

Do you think this shirt is a good color for me?

In your dealings with congress, would you consider yourself a rock, a paper, or a scissors?

You’re in North Korea meeting with Kim Jong Il.  What three foods would you miss the most?

I really like what you’ve done with your hair.

Moving on to Detroit, which Motown song best describes your personal journey to the Presidency?

You know, when the light hits you a certain way, it just takes my breath away.  It really does.   

What’s Michelle like in person?

I’ve got a couple of tickets for the Red Sox-Nationals game here in town, and I was just wondering if maybe you'd like to go?

What has charmed you the most about 
this office? Delighted you the most from serving in this office?
 Beguiled you the most? And bewitched you the most?...


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April 29, 2009

The First 100 Days: Monumental Success, Or Merely Tremendous Accomplishment?

Like other media outlets, we too want to take part in the nationwide celebration of Barack Obama’s first 100 days in the White House and review some of the signature accomplishments of his young administration:

First, we can’t ignore the profound effect Barack Obama has had on our nation’s landscape.  When he was inaugurated, it was not uncommon in America to witness a scene like this.

Bush Years

Cold, wintry, largely devoid of life.

And yet, after just 100 days in office, what do we have?

Obama 100 Days

Sure, you could say that it’s a coincidence.

But we don’t believe in coincidences.

Second, on January 20, 2009, the day Barack Obama was sworn in as President, the United States wasn’t even receiving ten hours of sunlight a day.  You can’t successfully implement a comprehensive solar energy program on ten hours of sunlight a day.

Now, we are getting nearly 14 hours a day of sunlight. That’s a 40% increase in just over three months. And it did not require any federal expansion of our current 24-hour day.  That’s what “working smarter” is all about.

Finally, and this is admittedly anecdotal at the moment, parents across the nation have reported that their children seemed to have grown noticeably taller since Obama's inauguration. It is not clear whether this is a direct result of stimulus-funded school nutrition programs or whether children, being more proud of their country, are simply exhibiting better posture, but it can surely be chalked up as another accomplishment for the Obama administration.

Of course, Obama has had is fair share of failures, too.

But those were all Bush’s fault.


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April 28, 2009

But Then, Back When We Lived In New York, It Was Unusual To Have A Day When We Weren’t Running Screaming For Our Lives…

White House officials arranged for quite a show yesterday when they orchestrated an elaborate photo op of a low-flying 747 flying in and around Manhattan.

Imagine how you might have reacted had you been there to witness what looked like Air Force One on a collision course with major New York City landmarks while being pursued by fighter jets!  You probably would have screamed with joy, too! Listen to the excited delight in the voice of at least one observer as she exclaims, “Oh my God.” 

Oh my God, indeed!  Enthusiastic New Yorkers even interrupted their busy days and poured out of office buildings, probably to get a better look. 

According to Louis Caldera, the Director of the White House Military Office, all the proper steps were taken to notify state and local authorities.  Not wanting to spoil the surprise, Caldera was careful to ensure public officials kept it a secret from the public

As we understand it, the White House has a number of similar events planned for the coming year that they hope will create even more dramatic photographic opportunities:

Ryder Rental Truck Appreciation Day: To recognize Ryder’s role in “Helping America Move,” the White House has approved a nationwide commemoration in which Ryder rental trucks will be parked in front of Federal buildings in all our major cities.  Due to austerity measures, it is expected that the occasion will be recorded primarily by nearby security cameras. So as not to cause any confusion this time, Louis Caldera will place an announcement alerting people to the event on Craig’s List that morning:

Reply to:  PATRIOT-1776  [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-05-21, 8:31PM EDT

Government workers, you’re in for a BIG surprise this morning.  Be sure to bring your kids!

Arab-Navy Outreach: This effort will gather together Arabs supportive of American policies.  They will be asked to dress in traditional attire and in an act of friendship and goodwill, approach United States Naval vessels in small boats carrying welcome packages.  Current plans are to have the White House Military Office Twitter the Pentagon to make sure the top commanders on each vessel will be there to greet them appropriately:

LouisCaldera: Be on lookout for small, fast-moving vessels. The Arabs are coming and they have gifts! Make sure you have your big guns on deck and ready!

National Bread Month: Arrangements are already underway to mark “National Bread Month.”  Preliminary plans include mailing hundred of loose flour samples to nuclear power plants, Department of Homeland Security offices, and the CEOs of major defense contractors.  To heighten the fun, the packages will be unmarked and won’t have return addresses.  Aren’t mysteries the best?

Unfortunately, we are sad to report that a surprise fireworks display planned for the South Lawn of the White House intended to welcome President Obama home on Marine One has been canceled. 

Now THAT would have made quite the photo op. 

Speaking of which, some have questioned why new pictures of Air Force One were needed in the first place.  It's simple.  Look at the picture they have now.  It's crap.

There, MUCH better:


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April 27, 2009

NOW He Tells Us

In his Saturday radio address this weekend, President Obama stressed the importance of doing something about “a future of rising deficits and debts that our children cannot pay,” apparently believing that the nation forgot that he has been in power since January.

His four-point plan to “restore fiscal discipline” to Washington DC is as follows:

First, he called on Congress to pass what is known as pay-as-you-go, or “PAYGO” legislation, saying that "we need to adhere to the basic principle that new tax or entitlement policies should be paid for."

It should be noted that this would be a subtle departure from the President’s previous policy of “GOSPEND,” in which he also adhered to the basic principle that new tax or entitlement policies should be paid for. By the Chinese.

However, in his defense, he did note that he has already “identified two trillion dollars in deficit-reductions over the next decade.”

GOSPEND Budgeting

And by “identified two trillion dollars in deficit-reductions over the next decade, “ he means, “double the deficit over the next decade.“

Which is sort of the same thing.

Second: He will “Create new incentives to reduce wasteful spending… agencies that identify savings will get to keep a portion of those savings to invest in programs that work.”

It is not precisely clear how the White House plans to get agencies to voluntarily give up money based only on the premise that they'll get some smaller portion of it back, but we're thinking it will somehow involve White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel speaking really quickly. ("Say, how about I give you two fives for a twenty...")

Third,We’ll look for ideas from the bottom up. That’s why we’ll establish a process through which every government worker can submit their ideas for how their agency can save money and perform better.

President Obama just discovered “the suggestion box.”

Super Innovative Government Efficiency Initiative

Super Innovative Government Efficiency Initiative

Fourth:We will reach beyond the halls of government. So later this year, we will host a forum on reforming government for the 21st century, so that we’re also guided by voices that come from outside of Washington.”

He also just discovered the concept of “the offsite meeting.” (No word yet on whether they’ll have it in Vegas.)

While President Obama’s admonition to embrace fiscal responsibility, coming on the heels of a three-month period during which he proposed adding $6.5 trillion worth of deficit spending, has the air of the college buddy who, coming off a three-day bender decides to preach to everyone else the many virtues of sobriety, we applaud his effort.

And look forward to his news conference this Wednesday when we expect he will call for new initiatives to ensure that we “stand up to dictators” and “defend America's good name.”


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April 26, 2009


Emergency Emergency
This Book Will Save Your Life

Neil Strauss

432 Pages


Okay, my reading list remains decidedly gloomy.  I swear, I’ve started other books, Joseph Ellis’ American Creation sits on my nightstand, Keynes’ “The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money” is in the den, and I was even making decent progress through a Kindle edition of Ludwig von Mises’ “The Theory of Money and Credit.” 

But Neil Strauss’ “Emergency” was much more fun if only because reading about how not to be dead is typically more enjoyable than reading about people who already are.

Plus, Emergency deals with two of my favorite subjects:

  1. Impending doom.
  2. What to do about impending doom.

Emergency details the author’s journey from an admitted “whining sniveler,” wholly dependent on others, to a man prepared for just about anything.

I must say that at the beginning of the book, I was far ahead of Strauss in terms of survival preparations and general manliness.  I had stocked up on MREs and gas masks before it was cool (it’s cool now, right?), knew my way around a Glock, and could replace a broken Jeep axle in the field. 

By about a third of the way through the book, Strauss had already made so much progress that he made me look like an office-dwelling latte-sipping urbanite. 

For the record, I am an office-dwelling latte-sipping urbanite, but that’s not the point.

The point is this liberal city-dwelling, takeout-ordering, repairman-calling, New York Times music critic transforms himself into a self-sufficient he-man survivalist and more.  Much more.

Strauss is a very good writer, with a breezy, accessible style and a sharp wit.  Partisan conservatives should be aware that Strauss does approach his mission to master the means of personal survival from a decidedly leftward view in that all internal governmental threats originate from the right and it was in fact the Bush years, from 9/11 to Katrina, that inspired him to start considering how vulnerable he’d be were catastrophe, man-made or otherwise, to hit. Towards the end of the book, Obama’s election is greeted with hope and relief.  As far as we’re concerned, true paranoids assume everyone is out to get them.  Fortunately, these kinds of references are infrequent, as are the occasional kumbaya moments: “Personally, I don’t believe in good guys and bad guys, as compelling as those stories may be to children. There are no bad guys – just people who do bad things.”

Which is what makes them bad guys, but okay, these are nits.

By the end of the book I found myself liking Neil Strauss.  This is a very honest book and he seems to have set his ego aside to provide a detailed account of his journey, from seeking alternate citizenship, to learning how to sail and fly, to wilderness survival, to firearms training to lock picking to an EMT license and more.  Not to give anything away, but he ends up in a different place at the end than he thought he would at the beginning, but still with one goal in mind: Survival.

I don’t often give out four Planet Morons, but for me, this was one of those “can’t put it down” books, and easily the most entertaining "how-to" book I've ever read.  But then, keep in mind, I’ve been on kind of a doomsday run here.


Note: I did not read this on the Kindle.  There are two reasons for this.  First, there is no Kindle version.  Second, there really shouldn’t be.  It’s a book about what to do in an emergency.  With the Kindle, you have an emergency if Sprint’s cell network goes down.  Emergency is one of those books best left to hard copies.

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April 24, 2009

It Used To Be Hip To Be Square

As the Washington political news journal, Politico, put it in a feature story:

“Barack Hussein Obama is the nation’s first hip president.”

“Obama leans heavily on personal panache to push political policies. Truth be told, his style is rooted in something elusive and hard to define. Pure and simple, it’s hip,” and, “Obama uses his hipster personality as a weapon.”

And a potent weapon it is.  While this may not be widely known outside a few inner circles in Washington DC, President Obama has used his hipness to great effect during his first 100 days including:

The Stimulus Bill:  Still needing a handful of Republican votes in the Senate to pass his landmark $787 billion Economic Recovery Act, Barack Obama addressed a question from Arlen Specter regarding long-term non-discretionary budget demands by making an offhand reference to the lyrics of a Ting Tings song, saying, “this turns up, it’s not sustainable.”  Moments later, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins agreed to support the bill, citing Obama’s command of Keynesian economic principles and his obvious alt. rock sensibilities.

Torture Memos Release: Facing intense opposition from many of his own advisers regarding releasing the written legal arguments that had been prepared during the Bush administration justifying the use of questionable interrogation techniques, Obama casually reached for a file folder during a staff meeting revealing a small tattoo of Che Guevara reading the Wall Street Journal with a cup of Starbucks coffee.  Struck by the ironic incongruity and detached parodic implications of his body art, Obama secured the support of enough aides to move forward. (Although Leon Panetta was heard to be muttering, “I don’t get it, Che Guevara would never visit a Starbucks,” drawing knowing snickers from those more attuned to contextual paradox.)

G20 Meeting: Realizing he was going to have to ditch some of his major priorities, President Obama adopted an indifferent attitude, convincing everyone at the meeting that he was just too cool to care, at one point responding to French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s insistence on the creation of a global regulatory apparatus, by simply saying, “yeah, whatever.” European crowds swooned at his post-modernist fatalism.

The President’s hipness has been useful in other ways as well.  He managed to push through the nomination of Timothy Geithner after continually boxing out Senate Minority Leader John Boehner in a pickup game in the White House gym and only got his fiscal year 2010 budget out of committee after joking on a morning conference call that Michael Bay was “a poor man’s J. J. Abrams.”

Finally, a president your kids can really look… to.



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April 23, 2009

And What’s Up With Those Little Bags of Peanuts You Get On Airlines These Days…

As part of his ambitious agenda to use the power and influence of the White House to directly address every problem, annoyance, and inconvenience of the American people, President Obama called together executives representing the nation’s largest credit card issuers today and told them what kind of credit card he’d like to have: Plain vanilla, with a low interest rate, and minimal late fees.

It remained unclear whether or not the president thought he was in a Capital One Credit Card commercial.

Regardless, he’s only just gotten started.  In the coming weeks, expect the President to continue working diligently to relieve you of the burden of having to navigate life absent his guidance:

May 4: The President plans to call in representatives of some of the nation’s largest neighborhood bakeries to go over changes he thinks could lessen some of the confusion involved in the traditional process of taking a number.  “This is what we’re going to do,” the President is expected to tell the assembled bakers.  “We’re going to make sure that if there are two ticket-dispensing machines, that the numbers are color coded and not simply staggered. I do not expect, and I do not believe the American people expect, that customers should be led to believe that just because “87” was called, that they will be next because they’re holding “88” when it could very well be number “130” instead from the other machine. Or even “131” if “87” had a large and complicated order, possibly involving an elaborate multi-layered cake or a collection of wedding pastries. And don’t tell me we can’t.  This is America. We put a man on the moon. We can ensure that people have a reasonably accurate expectation on when they'll be able to purchase a half dozen assorted scones.”

May 13: A blue-ribbon panel will be assembled to examine opening blister packs.  In prepared remarks addressing the panel, President Obama is planning to point out that, “For the past eight years, through neglect and an extreme laissez-faire approach to consumer packaging practices, this problem has only become worse. In fact, plastic packaging has become more difficult to open than at any time since WWII. The elderly. The sick. The handicapped.  All are being denied the right to gain easy access to small electronic devices, flashlights, and cellular phone accessories.  It won’t be easy, but I didn’t take this job to do the easy things.  I took it to do the hard things.  And also every thing. 

May 21: The top executives of Oscar Mayer will be summoned to the White House.  In an early draft of the president’s planned presentation, he will ask them to address a pressing problem involving Lunchables: “Why do you always run out of the cheese first?  I really hate that. Is it just me?  Because I doubt it.  Let's see if we can't come together as a packaged food company, and ensure that no American ever has to run out of cheese before he's done with the cold cuts again."

"And for those who say I should be focusing on North Korea’s nuclear ambitions or growing instability in Pakistan instead, I say this:  You can’t do one without the other.  We will never achieve a long and lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula or pan Asia so long as you have millions of people sitting around with half a cracker, a slice of processed turkey breast, and no cheese to put on it.”

Remember, you heard it here first.


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April 22, 2009

CONSENSUS WATCH – Earth Day 2009

An ongoing series dedicated to vigorously monitoring emerging threats to The Consensus that global warming is real, caused by humans, and must be addressed immediately. Because without consensus, viable theories could emerge challenging the reigning orthodoxy resulting in chaos, confusion and unrest.

The Consensus has been facing rising levels of doubt over the past year with the percentage of Americans believing that humans are the cause of global warming dropping from 47% to 34%.

Where might this lead us? Using the same slavish devotion to detail and advanced scientific modeling techniques employed by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, global warming researchers have prepared this disturbing forecast:

“The GORE LIED computer model below shows  that at the current rate of loss of belief in man-made global warming, that such belief will be virtually non-existent by 2020. Also, evidence of a positive feedback trend has caused many experts to believe that the actual rate of loss of belief in man-made global warming is happening even faster than this model is predicting, and that the world may be completely free of belief in man-made global warming by as early as 2015.”


The implications are serious as this will likely result in dramatically rising levels of complacency that could easily swamp our largest coastal-based global warming fundraising efforts.  The fragility of this ecosystem cannot be overstated as environmental groups’ very existence depends on ready access to fresh sources of hysteria.

And if this happens, we all know where the worst suffering will be.

Polar bear 0

That’s right, polar bear merchandising:

Threatened Polar Bear Merchandising

Without growing panic over the effects global climate change could have on polar bears, efforts to raise funds through the sale of adorable plush toys and framed pictures will be threatened with almost certain extinction.

What can be done?

One promising innovation is “Knowledge Capture” in which knowledge that is clearly harmful to The Consensus is buried deep under many layers of Consensus-supporting PowerPoint presentations, the better to ensure that it is never allowed to seep out into the atmosphere where in growing concentrations it could contaminate prevailing wisdoms and upset the delicate natural balances of alarm and anxiety.

We can do this. We can turn the tide on increasing levels of doubt and return the planet to those happier days when children lived in abject fear of climate catastrophe.  While it won’t be easy, we need to remember this:

The only thing we have to fear, is the lack of fear itself.”


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April 21, 2009

Great Moments In Pork: Military Earmarks

Sure, you could conduct defense policy by identifying needs based on a rigorous assessment of potential future missions and in so doing determine the equipment, personnel, and training required to achieve specific goals followed by carefully integrated proposals that best maximize the employment of limited resources so as to permit the military to efficiently execute its duties to protect and defend the country.


You could just have random members of Congress insert defense appropriation requests in the federal budget intended primarily to benefit companies in their congressional districts and curry favor with local constituents.

And so, courtesy of Taxpayers for Common Sense, and their work collecting links (Excel file) to all congressional earmark requests for fiscal 2010, we take a close look at just what our Representatives are doing to ensure our safety and keep our nation secure:

Congressman John Adler of New Jersey:

$30 million for Lockheed Martin for improvements that “will provide robust air and missile defense enhancements for more complex threats. This program will initiate and accelerate improvements to the Aegis BMD radar, which plays a highly relevant role in protecting the US from enemy ballistic missile threats. “

This is absolutely essential to our national security as Lockheed’s Aegis BMD radar plays a crucial role in employing 2,300 people from Adler’s 3rd District in New Jersey.

Either that, or Cherry Hill faces a heretofore unknown threat from ballistic missiles. Possibly from Camden.

Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri:

$9 million for Crosslink, Inc. for High Power Electrolytic Super-Capacitors Based On Conducting Polymers. “This critical technology needs to be developed and manufactured by US-based companies in order to maintain the strategic capability for this application and to be further deployed in future defense systems and energy weapons.”

There are two good things about this:

  1. There is no one else better qualified to make judgments regarding sophisticated directed energy weapons systems than a congressman who got a degree in management engineering 38 years ago.
  2. Hey, it’s a freaking ray gun!

Congressman Rodney Alexander of Louisiana: (PDF file)

$11.8 million for a Synthetic Flight Training Simulator for the UH-72A Light Utility Helicopter for the Louisiana National Guard.

But for Congressman Rodney Alexander's input, it is quite possible that no one realized the pressing need for a Synthetic Flight Training Simulator for the UN-72A Light Utility Helicopter, never mind the national security imperatives that it be located in Congressman Alexander’s 5th Congressional District.

Congressman Jason Altmire of Pennsylvania:

$1 million for Acutronic USA, Inc. Funding would be used to develop a composite structure Hardware-in-the-Loop guided weapons system flight motion simulator.

If we are ever attacked by squadrons of enemy simulators, we are going to be ready if Congressmen Alexander and Altmire have any say about it, that’s for sure.

Congressman Robert Andrews of New Jersery:

$3,586,675.90 for Absecon Mills, maker of Aramid fiber, one of the high performance fibers which are widely used in protective application. It is used in the manufacturing of soft body armor, as well armor protection such as ballistic helmets and ballistic armor laminate (panels), which represents a large sector of fiber consumption.

Not to mention Absecon Mills’ wide selection of decorator patterns for all your wall covering needs, ballistic or otherwise.  We’re not sure why the amount of the request is so exact but we expect it might have had to do with color choice.

Congressman Michael Arcuri of New York:

$5.4 million for M24 Sniper Weapons System Upgrade. "Funds will be used to upgrade the M24 Sniper Weapons System to meet the current and future needs of the Army. Local Company that will compete for funds: Remington Arms Company, Inc."

You see, this isn’t just some porky earmark meant to benefit a single company in a Congressman’s district.  No, this is an essential upgrade needed for the M24 Sniper Weapons System that Remington will have to compete for, just like any other company. 

Well, any other company that happens to already make the M24. But other than that, it’s pretty much a wide open bid.

If you’re like us, you’re probably saying to yourself, “I wonder if that M24 comes with a ray gun option, because that would be pretty sweet.”

Also, “That wasn’t so bad, only a handful of Congressmen making specific requests.  It could be a lot worse.”

Of course, we only got through the “As.”

There are over 400 more Representatives to go...


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April 20, 2009


An ongoing series dedicated to vigorously monitoring emerging threats to The Consensus that global warming is real, caused by humans, and must be addressed immediately. Because without consensus, viable theories could emerge challenging the reigning orthodoxy resulting in chaos, confusion and unrest.

A new promotional campaign, “Carbon Caps = Hard Hats,” began blanketing the airwaves and print media this past weekend, headlined by the colorful mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, John Fetterman.

As the mayor explains, the economics are “simple.”  All you have to do to create lots of high-paying jobs is to have the government mandate that cheap, efficient forms of energy be made as expensive to produce as far more costly, inefficient forms of energy.

“Take the wind turbine,” Fetterman point out. “A typical wind turbine has 8,000 parts and is made of 250 tons of steel. Somebody’s got to make that steel, fabricate those parts, assemble those parts, deliver the assembled turbine to a wind farm, erect the turbine and manage the wind farm. That’s a lot of jobs.”

Even more so when you take into account that wind turbines barely produce a quarter the amount of energy they’re rated for.  Why, that’s four times as many jobs that would be created than with efficient forms of energy!

However, Fetterman warns that “A Carbon Cap is not popular with everybody. The usual suspects, like some in Big Oil, will drag out the same old tired scare tactics,” such as the same old tired scare tactic of performing a detailed economic study and finding that in Spain’s experience with similar green initiatives, for every single “green” job created, 2.2 jobs are destroyed elsewhere in the economy.  But that study does not take into account other factors, such as the really cool, high-resolution black & white photos the carbon cap folks have on their web site.


You can take your so-called “observational data” and “verifiable hypotheses.” We’ll take gritty monochromatic post-modern realism meant to evoke an emotional response over that any day.

Still not convinced?  Well, it’s not just about jobs.  The principle sponsor of Carbon Caps = Hard Hats, the Environmental Defense Fund, believes carbon caps are essential if we are to reduce emissions of one of the most deadly, and also naturally abundant, gases known to man: Carbon dioxide. 

While green initiatives such as inefficient wind turbines may not actually reduce carbon dioxide emissions and might even increase them, that misses one of the most important arguments the Carbon Caps = Hard Hats campaign is trying to make: John Fetterman, is  really colorful! He went to Harvard.  He has tattoos! Sometimes he spells “Bradock,” “Bradocc.”  Is that awesome or what?

So, let’s review the arguments for and against carbon caps:


1) Encourages expensive and inefficient forms of energy production.
2) Is a net destroyer of jobs.
3) Doesn’t actually cap carbon.


1) Gritty high-contrast black & white photography.
2) Tattoos
3) More overall awesomeness.

Chalk another one up for The Consensus.


Inappropriate Don't forget, Consensus Watch gear makes for an excellent conversation starter.  Also stopper. Okay, mostly stopper. Choose from our line of "Stop raping the planet! You may, however, touch it inappropriately," gear (coffee cup, bags, coasters, stickers, buttons), or the classic Consensus Watch coffee mug: "Consensus Watch Because without consensus, scientific conclusions would remain vulnerable to new data."

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