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March 21, 2011

It’s Hard to Turn The Other Cheek When No One Slapped You in The First Place

For weeks, Libya had brazenly not attacked the United States of America.  As each day passed, artillery shells rained down on people who were not Americans destroying buildings that were not owned or occupied by Americans in a country that was not America.

That last one might have been the breaking point.

But the United States was not the only country not being attacked by Libya.  France had endured weeks of its national interests being unthreatened in any obvious manner while in the United Kingdom woman and children alike went about their daily business which is completely understandable given they were not in any danger.

Clearly, the world had no choice but to embark on an urgent humanitarian mission.  You could tell it was urgent as the aid was being delivered via Tomahawk cruise missiles and fighter jets.

It can be a tricky endeavor when you intercede in a civil war in a country that was not attacking you, and the world is full of brutal governments oppressing their people.  But, we have to remember that we don’t purchase large amounts of inexpensive electronic goods from Libya creating the obvious moral imperative that we back the rebels challenging Colonel Gaddafi’s regime.

And just who are these young Libyan rebels we are supporting by killing other Libyans? We’re glad you asked.

We don’t know.

And former Gaddafi loyalists

Oh, and members of al Qaeda.

But then, as is often said, we can’t limit our intervention just because the rebel forces fall short of the ideals of Jeffersonian democracy, not when the whole world is behind us.

Doubts Mount on Libya

Okay, the Arabs are behind us.

Arab League Condemns Bombing

Okay, fine, sometimes you have to buck world opinion when you are interceding in a civil war in a country that poses no threat to you, as long as you have a game plan.

We Don't Know What The Outcome Will Be

Hey, how about that Sweet 16!


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