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September 13, 2011

Shhh, Artist at Work

Would you tell Michelangelo that you’d like to have a word with him about Eve’s hair or suggest to Mozart that he might want to consider losing one of the clarinets if he wants to get you on board with his chamber piece?

Of course not, those are masterpieces, reflective of the visions of their creators and therefore sacrosanct from tinkering by lesser minds.

You know what else is a masterpiece above tinkering by lesser minds?

President Obama’s American Jobs Act.

This, according to the President’s top political advisor, David Axelrod:

"We're not in a negotiation to break up the package. It's not an à la carte menu. It's a strategy to get this country moving."

Despite this apparent ultimatum to pass the package in whole and without debate or change, Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor sounded a conciliatory response:

“I’m confident we can reach this compromise.

“You know what people are fed up with most of all? They’re fed up with a town where compromise has become a dirty word.”

“America, after all, has always been a grand experiment in compromise.”

Wait, sorry, that wasn’t Eric Cantor, that was President Obama when he was trying to get the Republicans to agree on a debt ceiling increase.  But that was seven weeks ago. 

You want to live your whole life in the past?

What if Republicans in Congress continue to insist that a coequal branch of government has the obligation to discharge its constitutional responsibilities and weigh in on the President’s proposal in a deliberative manner?

According to the President:

“…The only thing that’s stopping it is politics. (Applause.) And we can’t afford these same political games.”

You know what’s not playing political games?

Surrounding yourself with first reponders the day after 9/11 while advocating for federal dollars to flow into the coffers of public employee unions.

Increasing taxes on a small number of people less likely to vote for you so you can reduce them on a larger number of people more likely to vote for you.

Questioning the patriotism of those who disagree with you.

Now, we must pass this bill "immediately". Pass it "right now." We "don't have the luxuray of waiting." We have to pass it "right away."

Before you have a chance to think about it.


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Bozo is coming down here tomorrow to shill for his pathetic little plan. If I had the time I'd be out there with a sign saying "Take this jobs plan and shove it!", but I will be working.

Posted by: John | Sep 13, 2011 6:29:26 PM

I sanyone going to get to see this "jobs bill" before voting on it?? Or is this a healthcare redux???

Posted by: barryjo | Sep 13, 2011 8:12:39 PM

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