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September 06, 2012

Night 2 of The Democratic Convention: Boo God!

As it turns out, all the angry women yelling at us yesterday were vigorously advocating the right to have an abortion.

Which reminds us, we would like to dispel once and for all the rumor that President Obama moved his acceptance speech from a 75,000-seat outdoor stadium to the 20,000 arena where the convention is being held because organizers were afraid they were not going to be able to fill the seats or because of the weather. In fact, they were afraid that with all the extra room, and with women having been whipped up into a pro-abortion frenzy the previous two days, that many would seek to have actual abortions right there in the stadium during his speech. 

In the business, that’s what they call “bad optics.”

Speaking of bad optics, when it was pointed out the other day that this year’s Democratic Party platform had removed from it a reference to God and a statement declaring that Jerusalem was the capital of Israel, both of which had been part of previous years’ platforms, party leaders moved swiftly to take care of what was obviously just something that they innocently overlooked and couldn’t possibly have meant. Hey, these platforms have a lot of pages!

So, really, it was just a bit of routine business to fix the mere typos. That’s why convention Chairman Antonio Villaraigosa had to try three times to get the two-thirds majority he needed to get a measure passed fixing the oversights before finally deciding he had the two-thirds if by two-thirds you mean less than one-half.

Following the adoption of the language adding God back to the party platform, the delegates booed.

We’re not political experts here, but we’re pretty sure that “booing God” falls somewhere in the “Top Ten Things You Don’t Do at a Political Convention in America.”

Fortunately for the Democrats, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schulz was on hand to point out that what everyone just saw happen didn’t really happen and by the way, she didn’t really say what she was recorded saying.

Also, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

It was later learned that President Obama himself insisted on the change, after having not insisted on any changes the week before.

He’s probably going to want to have a word with himself on which one of him was responsible for that one.

Among the speakers last night was former House Speaker and California Congresswoman, Nancy Pelosi, who “fired up the crowd.”


This was useful information because otherwise we would have thought her speech was lifeless and enervating, sucking the enthusiasm out of the room like an air lock breach on a space station as she urged the crowd, which had assembled to vote democratically to nominate their candidate and then vote democratically to reelect him President,

“Vote for Democracy.”

Also speaking last night was Massachusetts Senate Candidate and proud Native American, Elizabeth Warren, who wants nothing more than to connect with “people like me.”

Unless, of course, it involves actually meeting any in person.

For those who missed it, here is a condensed version of her speech:

“The game is rigged.”

“The system is rigged.”

“We just don’t want the game to be rigged.”

Well, at least she wasn’t yelling at us about abortion.

All of this was just the big build up to the keynote speaker of the night, a figure who has become beloved in the Democratic party and representative of all it stands for:

Sandra Fluke.

She talked about abortion.

Afterwards, some ex-president spoke. We think his wife is someone importantHe said:

“I don’t know about you, but all these issues, I know we’re better off because President Obama made the decisions he did.”

Also, these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.


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So voting is done by who shouts the loudest. "Boo-ing" God is like stepping on Superman's cape. Maybe nothing will happen but do you really want to take that chance?

Posted by: TheOldMan | Sep 7, 2012 5:04:46 PM

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