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September 17, 2012

Sure, “Congress Shall Make No Law,” But No One Said Anything About The President…

Some people have suggested that perhaps it is unwise for the United States to appear to be suppressing free speech and sending armed police to seize someone in the middle of the night for totally 100% voluntary questioning because of a film he made. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, for example, registered some mild discomfort at the notion.

Why Barack Obama Should Resign copy

Apparently he and others believe that the Obama Administration is suddenly sympathetic to the notion of criminalizing blasphemy as some sort of panicky knee-jerk reaction to the unrest in the Middle East.

That is simply a vicious lie.

The truth is, they’ve been laying the groundwork for this for a while.

No doubt you feel better knowing that suppressing free speech isn’t some rash decision made in the heat of the moment, but rather part of a long-planned and dispassionate “pivot” towards protecting us from blasphemy of the Prophet Mohammed.

This whole idea has actually become pretty mainstream.  Talk-show host Bill Press believes that those involved in the making of the film:

“Are as guilty as the terrorists who carried out those attacks against our embassy in Libya.”

The Reverend Steven Martin one-ups him by suggesting they are more guilty:

“I have no sympathy for anyone who would assassinate a U.S. ambassador. But I have even less sympathy for filmmakers who spread hatred and for pastors who knowingly incite violence.”

Okay, so maybe we’ve gone a little too far in condemning someone’s right to make a film but you have to admit, those attacks in Libya were pretty brutal.

In totally unrelated news, the film had nothing to do with those brutal attacks in Libya.


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