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Planet Moron was an actual physical publication in the mid-nineties printed on the pulpy carcasses of dead trees. (It's okay kids, it was just "our way"' back then.) It specialized in social and political satire and at one time was distributed to over 300 outlets in the United States and Canada. It was a critical success to some extent but not a financial one which is another way of saying that some people liked it (our parents) but not enough (people who were not our parents).

But now the Internet's combination of low cost and complete absence of adult supervision allows us to come back, and so we take our place in the blogosphere along with MRE-hoarding militias, organic farming gaians and navel gazing narcissists. Yes, it feels like home.

You will find Planet Moron rejects that politics are binary. We find humor, silliness, and perfidy in the "left" as much as we do the "right."

Please come back often as we hope to update the blog with some frequency, just please be patient during those "slow times" by which we mean, when we're too hung over to post.

And yes, all content is copyrighted on the off chance we ever figure out a way to a make a buck off this!