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Planet Moron is a humor blog with a mission. If you have any thoughts on what that mission might be, we'd love to hear it as we have yet to figure it out ourselves. Probably something to do with satire illuminating unspoken truths. Hopefully something more high-minded than "we just like to laugh."

But we do just like to laugh, particularly in a world gone seemingly mad, and we hope you do, too.

You will find Planet Moron rejects that politics are binary. We find humor, silliness, and perfidy in "the left" and "the "right." (And don't get us started on "the middle.")

But in the end, we typically side with the individual over the state and reject the notion of a "collective" good. Collectives don't feel anything. Collectives don't laugh, individuals do. Collectives don't purchase blog swag and click through links to make money for the writer, individuals do.

You know, just in case you were thinking about it...

Please come back often as we hope to update the blog with some frequency, just please be patient during those "slow times" by which we mean, when we're too hung over to post.

And yes, all content is copyrighted on the off chance we ever figure out a way to a make a buck off this!