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September 14, 2005

meet our new mascot, "hazmat man"

While we all recognize the importance of placing compassion over a pedantic adherence to regulations in times of disaster, there are of course some principles that transcend the momentary concerns of the present and must be upheld at all costs.

We refer of course to NCAA rules prohibiting Division I football, basketball and hockey players from being eligible for play in the first year of a transfer to another school.

Sure, many of these athletes have had their schools destroyed and potential athletic careers derailed but we can’t let petty concerns about the welfare of the students divert our attention from what is really important: Athletic administrators.

Apparently, coaches at schools around New Orleans have complained that universities elsewhere in the country are offering their athletes opportunities to continue playing while also receiving a quality education in classrooms that are for the most part not piles of rubble and where the risk of contracting infectious diseases is less than 50-50. This is known as “raiding.”

Some teams were even considering transferring as a group which would provide at least some measure of continuity to lives that have otherwise been turned upside down. This also will not be tolerated. As NCAA president Myles Brand said, “Let me call that athletic looting, to be provocative.” (Unless it was a hockey team in which case it would be called athletic “finding.”)

While the NCAA won’t allow students affected by the hurricane to transfer to another school where they could play sports and get an education, they do have a heart and so will allow them to play sports for their current school where they can’t get an education because of the damage.  That way, if nothing else,  they at least retain the chance of getting a career-ending injury.


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Tough times don't last longer than tough challengers.

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