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June 12, 2006

looking to paint the country blue. really blue.

The wide-eyed populists of the blogosphere who gathered together this weekend at the Yearly Kos Convention may be the party’s best hope to turn around its fading fortunes. Their youthful vigor and passion for left-leaning progressive ideas may be just enough to shake a sclerotic political structure and bring a resounding victory in November.

For the Republicans.

Markos Moulitsas of the DailyKos noted that the presence of so many Democratic presidential contenders “is a validation of something that we’ve been saying: that people who read blogs aren’t these far-leftist, extremist politically naïve young people.”

Among these non-far-leftist anti-extremists was Jed Rathband of Portland, Maine, whose views on Hugo Chavez, the Castro-loving president of Venezuela reflect a potential winning red-state strategy: “As long as he’s willing to poke the Bush administration in the eye, he’ll be my friend. Because my enemy’s enemy is my friend.” (He is currently attempting to purchase fuel from Chavez for his oil-buying cooperative in a wholly non-politically naïve manner.)

We’re thinking a Citgo-sponsored Dixie Chicks tour can’t be far behind.

But then, the DailyKos must first win over the majority of mostly moderate Democratic Party members with their crowd pleasing “don’t support the troops” and “everyone is an idiot” political outreach program.

In fact there was much talk at the convention that if the Democratic Party did not adopt their agenda, they might field a progressive third-party presidential candidate (also known as the “one-state” strategy). Matt Stoller of Mydd.com said that such an event could easily be propelled by, among other things, middle-class Americans being hit by higher rates on their adjustable-rate mortgages.

While not widely known, that was a major contributor to the French Revolution during which Marie Antoinette famously fomented the revolt when she said, “Let them refinance.”

There are signs that they are making progress, particularly in the effort to topple long-time Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman who according to the latest polls is barely clinging to a whisper-thin 15 point lead over his DailyKos-favored primary rival prompting Moulitsas to declare “Lieberman’s going to lose this one.” But give Lieberman credit, he seems determined to stick this one out to the end, regardless of how big his lead is.

Perhaps the best measure of the kind of principles that guide those at the DailyKos was their insistence that convention attendees not be forced to pay what the convention actually cost to put on. How can they possibly do this?   It’s easy:

And that’s how you truly put the “free” back into “free market.”


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