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October 30, 2007

and you thought halloween was scary before

Halloween doesn’t have to be about sickly sweet treats and high-fat snacks. It can be both fun and nutritious. Make that, funalicious!

We know what you’re thinking, “I don’t think ‘funalicious’ is an actual word.” Also, “You’re not talking about eating carrot sticks again, are you?”

Of course not! The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has thoughtfully put together an extensive selection of “ghoulishly great” alternatives to candy bars and other sugary snacks that are not only good for you, but just plain good!

Such as, okay, carrot sticks. But there’s much more!

For your Halloween party, how about you serve your guests water, dried apricots and whole wheat fig newtons instead!  Just think of the hours of fun you and the two guests who didn’t have a chance to sneak out the back will have discussing how fat-free dip has gotten so good lately that you hardly ever have to choke it down anymore.

And don’t forget about those trick or treaters, they need healthy alternatives too! The CSPI suggests that instead of candy bars or gum you hand out raisins, pretzels, and pencil erasers. And if you absolutely feel you must hand out candy, find the absolutely smallest size you can. (And to ensure the safety of the trick or treaters who come to your house, you might want to save them an extra trip to the store and hand out toilet paper, eggs and soap ahead of time.)

Of course, it should come as no surprise that the CSPI would come up with creative substitutes for food you actually want to eat as they have for years dispelled the myth that eating healthy is just about eating a pile of vegetables. For instance, their New Recipes section offers readers such innovative alternatives as boiled kale and simmered romaine lettuce. No, no, those are the main courses. Yes, that’s it. That’s dinner.

Mmmm good.

But those are not the only recipes they offer, there is also a pile of fruit.  And a different pile of fruit.

The combinations are endless!

If you carefully follow the CSPI’s advice and give up your favorite treats and small pleasures, is there any guarantee that you will live longer?

Not necessarily but there’s one thing you can be certain of.

It sure will seem that way. 


Happy Halloween!

Hey, no pushing and shoving, there’s enough for everyone.


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Is the CSPI PETA's fake "think tank" or am I thinking of someone else?

Posted by: Paul | Nov 22, 2007 9:52:15 PM

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