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May 24, 2009

National Treasure 3: In Search Of A Politically Viable Policy

It was revealed shortly after Barack Obama’s major speech last week at The National Archives that the copies of the Constitution behind him were not the originals but rather facsimiles of the kind that are used in movies such as National Treasure.  As it turns out, the actual documents cannot be exposed to bright lights.

Obama Archives

Given that the President appears to prefer visual impact over authenticity, the venues at his disposal are nearly limitless:

The Parthenon


Obama likes columns.
Cons: Given the emphasis in public education on “historical thinking” and “interrelations,” it’s possible that most younger people won’t know what the Parthenon is unless they happen to have been fans of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.

The Penultimate Scene From “The Perfect Storm”

Obama-Perfect Storm

Endless source of suitable metaphors.
Con: None of them are good.

In Front Of Shirtless Self


Capitalize on high approval ratings.
Too much?

With The Cast Of Bravo’s “Top Chef”

Obama-Top Chef

Demonstrate common touch with the people.
Con: Don’t want Michelle to have to compete with Padma.

From Inside Your Colon

Obama-Your Colon

Helpful in getting the word out about the many health benefits of colonoscopies.
Con: Given coming tax increases, he’ll be there soon enough without a graphic reminder.


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