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June 20, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Obama Refuses To Speak Out Forcefully In Support of Iranian Protestors

President Obama has come under increasing criticism from both the right and the left for his lack of clear and unequivocal support for those protesting against the government of Iran over allegations of voter fraud in last weekend’s presidential election.

But there are some very good reasons for this:

Top Ten Reasons Obama Refuses To Speak Out Forcefully In Support of Iranian Protestors.

10 Does not want to appear to be supporting “terrorists” (at least according to the Pentagon’s definition).

9 There’s no need, as "You've seen in Iran some initial reaction from the supreme leader that indicates he understands the Iranian people have deep concerns about the election." In fact, the Supreme Leader is demonstrating just how clearly he understands their concerns by crushing them. It’s really all about the empathy.

8 Look, America helped orchestrate a coup in Iran over a half-century ago and he hasn’t even gotten around to apologizing to the Japanese for the 1940 oil embargo never mind the Spanish and that whole “remember the Maine” thing in 1898.

7 Joe Biden is on the job.  And as we all know, nobody messes with Joe! Except Obama.

6As with all his other major initiatives, decided to outsource the icky leadership detaily parts to Congress.

5 Having already gone from “troubled” to having “deep concerns” to being “very concerned,” he is hesitant to escalate it any further for fear of having to raise the nation’s emotional readiness level to DuressCon 4.

4 He already zeroed out money for Democracy in Iran as part of the 2010 federal budget so he’s just being fiscally responsible. There really is no pleasing you people.

3 Too busy dealing with the real threat to Middle East peace: Israeli Real Estate Development.

2 Does not want to meddle in a situation that is clearly difficult and painful to watch so it is probably best to try to turn the glare of the media away from what has become little more than a spectacle, if only for the good of the children.  Or are we thinking of Jon & Kate Plus Eight?

And the #1 reason Obama Refuses To Speak Out In Support of Iranian Protestors…

1 Teleprompter in the shop for 50,000-word service.                                                                                 


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This list is awesome, #2 is the best by far, really funny stuff.

Posted by: Vince | Jun 23, 2009 4:50:47 PM

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