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July 22, 2009

Obama Press Conference Bingo

Before we get started, we have a few additional Obama-favored rhetorical devices to add to yesterday’s piece:

The Impromptu Filibuster: Obama “really does go on a bit” at times, offering long, complex answers to most questions.  (Did you ever notice how few words it takes to just say what really happened: “I got drunk last night and slept on the lawn.” As opposed to something that sounds better: “It’s like this, I had no idea the other guys were going to go to the second bar and I hadn’t brought my own car so what I tried to do was… “) Tip: The more someone says when answering a question, the less they want to answer it.

The Truth-Challenged Response:  As when the President insists you’ll be able to keep your current health care plan under his reforms. But only if it still exists. Which it won’t.  (It’s like when you lie, only more challenging.)

Hypertechnical Phrasing: 
As when the president pledges he won’t sign a health care bill that increases the deficit.  Over the next decade.   (That’s like promising you’ll give up drinking. Through Friday morning. And can you get these grass stains out?)

Unsupportable Bombast: 
This usually involves making pledges that can only be fulfilled if others act, such as signing a health care bill by year’s end.  (It’s usually not wise to “guarantee” your son’s little league team is going to win.  Particularly if you don’t consult them first.)

And there you have it.  Obama Press Conference Bingo.  Tonight at 8PM.

Obama Press Conference Bingo

Think we'll have a winning card?


UPDATE:  Based on these excerpts released by the White House, we might have BINGO! before we even get to the Q&A.

UPDATE 2: Our Score-

8:03 "Moving the Goalposts"

8:05 "Truth-Challenged"

8:06 "Hyper-Technical Phrasing"

8:10 "Unsupportable Bombast"


That was quick.

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Or Jeopardy! "I'll take 'Unsupportable Bombast for $400, Alex'".

Posted by: Michael | Jul 23, 2009 12:06:40 PM

Bingo? If you'd made it a drinking game I might have watched.

Posted by: Michael | Jul 23, 2009 12:04:53 PM

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