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October 22, 2009

CONSENSUS WATCH - 10/22/2009

 An ongoing series dedicated to vigorously monitoring emerging threats to The Consensus that global warming is real, caused by humans, and must be addressed at all costs. Because without consensus, scientific conclusions would remain vulnerable to new data.

 The Consensus has come under attack from an unlikely source, the BBC, which noted that despite ever-increasing concentrations of CO2 and predictions to the contrary, the earth has been cooling over the past decade.

Fortunately these blatant appeals to logic rarely work.  Yes, people might momentarily get caught up in the facts of the moment, allowing reason to overwhelm their emotions, but when all is said and done, true adherents to The Consensus can take comfort in knowing that once everyone has had a chance to stand up and get excited, less sober minds will ultimately prevail.

For example, here is a piece of thoughtful research released by ACT ON CO2 (a creation of the UK government) that explores the very real consequences of telling a little girl that everyone is going to die.

This study makes a number of compelling points. For example, CO2, rather than being an abundant natural gas upon which all life on earth depends, is in fact a menacing demon stretching across the sky and spewing forth flying ghost blobs.

Carbon Monster

We did not know that.

The video also makes clear that based on current climate modeling, unless we take action to reduce CO2 emissions now, your daughter’s puppy will drown. 

Drowning Puppies

Consensus deniers might insist this is an exaggeration, or possibly even a complete fabrication, but it’s difficult to dismiss what you are seeing with your own two eyes, irrefutable evidence as portrayed in a whimsical imaginary drawing.

What can we learn from this?

Global warming makes bunnies cry.

Crying Bunny

Also, despite what you might have heard on the news, or read in a peer-reviewed article, or saw at a screening or experienced personally by walking outside, it is clear that without drastic action, we are facing a bleak future in which little girls’ puppies are drowned.

And we can’t have that.

We might want to use those pups for food.


Consensus Watch T-shirt CONSENSUS WATCH MERCHANDISE: In addition to the “my parents fought global warming and all I got was this lousy sweatshirt” item we mentioned the other day, we’ve updated most of the Consensus Watch store adding T-shirts, thermoses and other items and improving some of the graphics.  Why? Because we care.  Also, the liquor store was closed.  Stop Raping The Planet Shirt Okay, mostly because the liquor store was closed.

But we sure cared about that.

UPDATE: A slightly different take from The London Fog (language warning at end):


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It brings tears to my eyes. Cerviche of Chihuahuah, a fennel and Doberman sausage done in rustic Toscana style, and a demiglaze based on a reduction of Schnauzer. Mmmmm...that's good eats.

Posted by: Michael | Oct 22, 2009 11:23:53 PM

OK maybe the puppies will drown. But it will be good for the Sea Kittens! (http://www.peta.org/sea_kittens/)

Posted by: Amarsir | Oct 23, 2009 12:27:40 AM

As a dog owner I would be highly offended but for the fact that made me really hungry.

And I'd forgotten about the sea kittens. Although I shouldn't have.

Posted by: Planet Moron | Oct 23, 2009 7:42:14 AM

Pass the mustard please

Posted by: Salvatorre Minella | Jun 18, 2013 1:26:15 AM

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