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November 16, 2009

Deterrence Is SO Last Century

In his remarks at Suntory Hall in Tokyo, President Obama proclaimed that nations without nuclear weapons must forsake them, and those with nuclear weapons must move toward disarmament, noting that:

“Japan serves as an example to the world that true peace and power can be achieved by taking this path. For decades, Japan has enjoyed the benefits of peaceful nuclear energy, while rejecting nuclear arms development -- and by any measure, this has increased Japan's security and enhanced its position.”

Indeed, Japan clearly demonstrates that you can become a rich and prosperous nation surrounded by hostile neighbors in a dangerous world without having to resort to developing nuclear weapons or even a military force of any real consequence to protect yourself.

If only we could somehow replicate this mysterious Japanese ability to completely forsake nuclear weapons, perhaps we could follow their example, and rid ourselves of these cursed implements of destruction and still manage to live in peace, largely unmolested by nations hostile to our interests.

Likewise, the Amish seem to have similarly solved the dilemma of how to live a pacifist lifestyle absent offensive or defensive weapons of any kind, and yet still thrive in safety and security. 

You never hear anything about nuclear-free Lancaster County being overrun by invaders now do you?  Coincidence?  We don’t think so.

While we may never figure out exactly how these peaceful, nuclear-free cultures get by without having to resort to the inherent evil of maintaining atomic arsenals, at least we finally have a President who has made nuclear disarmament a cornerstone of his foreign policy.

That ought to show those Iranians we mean business.


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