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January 18, 2010

This Is What Happens When You Run Out Of Real Problems

According to The New York Times, one of the fastest growing areas in psychological therapy is the conflict that arises when couples have divergent views regarding their relative commitment to environmental sustainability and green living.

Thomas Joseph Doherty, whose practice, “Sustainable Self,” focuses on “development of environmentally sustainable lifestyles and identity,” notes that environmental issues touch “every part of how they live: what they eat, whether they want to fly, what kind of vacation they want.”

When put in those terms you realize that this is not a problem you can simply ignore, deciding to accept your partner for what he or she is and focusing on those things that bring you together.  No, this is a problem you need to give professional psychologists like Mr. Doherty between $120 and $150 a session to resolve.

We here at Planet Moron hate to see couples suffer unnecessarily and would like to help. 

Do you find yourself in a relationship where your partner is having difficulty dealing with your seeming inability to take personal responsibility for remembering to bring the reusable shopping bags?  Does your partner find you distant and cold whenever the subject of separating No. 2 from No. 5 recyclable plastics comes up? 

If these issues are threatening the health of your relationship, just follow our simple two-step program:

Step 1: Get out of that relationship.

Step 2: There is no Step 2.

Of course, this won’t work for every relationship.  Cherl Petso notes that visiting her parents can be “tense at times” in part because her mother likes to use Styrofoam plates.

We have a two-step program for that too:

Step 1: Get over yourself and be nice to your mom.

Step 2: Repeat Step 1.

Life is so much simpler when you break it down into steps.


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You're totally right. Unfortunately, Leslie Kaufman completely misquoted and misrepresented my relationship with my mom.


Posted by: Cherl | Feb 24, 2010 4:39:35 PM

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