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February 24, 2010

We Can Think Of A Way To Open Up At Least One New Employment Opportunity In Congress…

You know what would be a great way to reduce unemployment?

Encourage one million people to volunteer to become unemployed and go on the government dole.

Otherwise, we face the very real possibility that one million people could become unemployed and go on the government dole.

That, at least, is Ohio Representative Dennis Kucinich’s proposal, which would allow people to retire at age 60 and start collecting Social Security early, the theory being that that would create one million job openings.

Two words come to mind: Problem. Solved.

The notion of solving a problem by transforming it into policy could have many other applications:

Problem: With new-home building at historic lows due to the lingering economic downturn, America could be facing a housing shortage as early as 2011, forcing many young people to live with their parents.
Solution: Start a government program in which young people are encouraged to move back in with their parents, thereby freeing up housing units for young people who are still living with their parents.

Problem: Iran is working on obtaining nuclear weapons.
Solution: In exchange for Iran agreeing to abandon its nuclear weapons program, the United States will supply Iran with nuclear weapons.

Problem: The federal deficit is out of control.  We have to pay it down before it’s too late.
Solution: We will pay down $1 trillion of debt.  Step one: borrow $1 trillion.

Problem: We need to stimulate the economy by getting people to spend more money.
Solution: Get people to spend hundreds of dollars on new appliances while at the same time getting them to spend hundreds of dollars less on electricity.

Wait, we’re already doing that last one.

Regardless, it is essential that we move forward with these kinds of innovative solutions.

Otherwise, we might have a problem.


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