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March 30, 2010

NASA: National Automobile Scientist Association.

The Obama administration has asked NASA to examine the unintended acceleration problems plaguing Toyota and we look forward to our nation’s finest space scientists applying their unique expertise to the dilemma.

Of course, you still need to find a way to get to work, so in the meantime NASA suggests you take the following actions:

Retire your fleet of Corollas and Camrys and instead hitch a ride in yourVAZ - 2101 neighbor’s Lada VAZ 2101.

Forget about fixing your Toyota and instead rely on “game-changing technologies” to develop new and better ways for you to get to work.  Some day. (You might have to use some personal days in the interim.)

Rather than spend time trying to figure out ways to get to work, concentrate on more achievable goals, such as going out to get your mail, or watching other people drive to work instead.

Give up entirely on your plans to drive to Orlando this summer.

Once the NASA scientists complete their analysis of Toyota gas pedals they can get back to the important work the President has assigned them: Ensuring America always has a leadership role in in space.

From the passenger seat.


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>>By killing Constellation and its Moon-or-bust near-term focus, the Obama administration hopes to free NASA to work in closer collaboration with a wider range of international partners to devise a more sustainable space exploration plan encompassing a wider range of potential destinations.<<

This could be brilliant! By killing the F-22, we can free the Air Force to cooperate with an international consortium.

Then we defund the Marine Corps and free the Afghani government to cooperate with the Taliban.

There's nothing that international cooperation can't promise.

Posted by: Michael | Mar 30, 2010 6:21:19 PM

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