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April 14, 2010

This Might Explain Why He Kept The Press Out

In his opening remarks at the extremely historical Nuclear Security Summit, President Obama noted that due to the ongoing efforts of terrorist networks:

"The risk of a nuclear attack has gone up.”

While it may be true that the risk of holding Nuclear Security Summits is going up more than the risk of nuclear terrorist attacks, that’s not what’s important.

What is important is that President Obama got a firm commitment from the 46 other nations in attendance to, among other things, “Recognize the role and contributions of the United Nations,” and “Endeavor to fully implement all existing nuclear security commitments.”

As a result of getting agreement on noticing that the UN exists and a willingness to live up to agreements they already agreed to, President Obama explained:

"The American people will be safer and the world will be more secure."

Of course, the summit accomplished much more than just that, such as securing a commitment from the Russians to shut down a nuclear weapons plant.

Okay, so it was the same one they agreed to shut down last year, but you have to admit, the guy is good at follow up.

President Obama also managed to convince the Canadians to finally give up their controversial program of peacefully depositing their enriched uranium in secure facilities and turn over their entire stockpile to the United States thus ending our long national nightmare over the specter of a close ally pursuing a program of benign nuclear storage.

Perhaps more importantly, the President managed to gain the support of China in seeking new sanctions against Iran in retaliation for its ongoing nuclear enrichment program.

Unfortunately, they forgot to tell the Chinese, but that was probably just a minor clerical error and President Obama expects China and the other nations to live up to their commitment to get tough on Iran.  As he said following the conclusion of the summit:

"Rules must be binding.  Violations must be punished.  Words must mean something." 

Wait, sorry, that’s what he said this time last year about North Korea.  Okay, here we go, this is what he said this year:

“Words have to mean something. There have to be some consequences."

Okay, NOW we feel safer and more secure.


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