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October 06, 2010

Not Only That But My Auto Dealer Refused To Honor The Extended Warranty I Didn’t Get

It’s a tragic story.  A man’s house burns to the ground when a fire department from a town he doesn’t live in or pay taxes to refuses to put the fire out because he didn’t pay the wholly optional fee they are under no obligation to offer.

Of course, this is the fault of the fire fighters. Or the mayor. Or something.

Regardless, we are outraged.

The man whose home burned down, Gene Cranick, said he simply forgot to pay the $75 annual fee:

"It happens to anybody, I don't care, you forget things and I did.”

Exactly, it can happen to anybody just like it happened to Gene Cranick, and just like it happened to Gene Cranick a few years ago too.

Talk about unlucky.

Some have suggested that this shows the “limits of libertarianism.”

Or perhaps the “limits of calendars.”

But there are larger questions at play here.  As Nobel-Prize-Winning New York Times columnist Paul Krugman puts it:

“So the question is, do you want to live in the kind of society in which this happens?”

A society in which we’re required to pay for things we want? A society in which we’re allowed to choose where we live, weighing the various pros and cons, from crime rates to fresh air to the presence or absence of certain services commonly found in more urban areas and living with the consequences of those choices both good and bad?

What kind of barbarous anarchic existence would that be?

No, we want to live in a civilized society where we should get everything we want, regardless of our personal choices and then complain about it when we don’t get them.

And we also don’t want to have to pay for things. 

In fact, here is a partial list of things we think we should not have to pay for until after we need them:

Auto Insurance
Life Insurance
Pet Insurance
Werewolf Insurance
Cow Dehydration Insurance
Sorry To See You Are Damned To Hell For All Eternity
   That Must Really Suck Insurance

Room Comps at The Bellagio

And don’t worry about these services still being available.  Your neighbors will probably keep them financially viable by paying for them ahead of time.



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