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November 21, 2010

Weekend Pictorial, Caffeine Edition, 11-21-2010

Box O’Irish Joe

How do you turn a Dunkin’ Donuts “Box O’Joe” into a “Box O’Irish Joe? Drink a few cups out of it, replace the missing coffee with whiskey, khalua and some Bailey’s for color.  Shake. Consider it a “tailgate in a box,” perfect for November college football games.

Box O Irish Joe

Can O’Death

Of course, mixing alcohol and caffeine is a time-honored tradition with decades of history from rum and cokes, to Jack and cokes to Irish coffees with there being little question as to the relative safety of the practice.

However, put it in a colorful can, and it becomes a deadly liquid missile, in need of banning.

Can O'Death

While I am not a big fan of “energy drinks” in general, or anything watermelon flavored that is not, in fact, a watermelon (with the possible exception of Jolly Ranchers),  I also don’t like being told what I can’t drink and so scored three cans at a local 7-11. I consider this part of my naturally young-at-heart, rebellious nature. My wife just thinks I’m an immature jerk. (I see no reason why we can’t both be right.)

I’ll have a report on Four Loko this week. Assuming of course, I am not driven mad first. (I’m more concerned about the FD&C Red #40 than anything else.)

But Is It Dolphin Safe?

While we’re still on the subject of caffeine, I purchased a couple bags of coffee a friend’s child was selling for his school.  It turned out it was “Equal Exchange” coffee. And organic. And fairly traded. (I always thought two consenting adults arriving at an agreed upon price absent coercion was a fair trade, but I guess I’m old school.)

Equal Exchange

It was also Co-op owned and “social certified by IMO” whatever social certified is and whatever IMO is.

Social Certified

It also supports small farmers who are themselves in Co-ops.

Small Farmer

This was just from one bag. Call it, “The Insecure 13-Year-Old Girl” school of marketing. (And I’m in drama class, and I volunteer at the senior center, and got straight As, and have perfect attendance, and I'm kind to animals, and and…)

In fairness, it was really good coffee. Maybe they should try emphasizing that next time.


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Can you imagine? "Certified laissez-faire! Capitalist owned! Market priced!" It would be a marketing disaster.

Fascinating about the fair trade movement. To the extent the co-ops are voluntary and all the associations are entered into freely, I'm 100% behind it.

And it really is outstanding coffee. I've been drinking the "Love Buzz" which is a slightly darker brew than the one I photographed. I might even try to find it on the Internet and purchase it without the subtle coercion inherent when a co-worker's child is selling something.

Posted by: Planet Moron | Nov 24, 2010 7:14:46 AM

My knowledge of "fair trade" coffee is way out of whack with my coffee consumption for some reason. It happens that governments have often put very specific requirements on farmers, requiring that x% of the land be used with specific coffee plants, all of which were then owed to the government. Naturally the utter lack of profit and choice led to awful product. So the "Fair Trade" coffee you see around may be far more laissez-faire capitalist than the generic alternatives.

(Not that they can put THAT on the bag!)

These guys aren't quite there, as the co-ops seem to have been arranged around the idea that subsistence agriculture is a good idea. Nevertheless, I believe the various co-ops do diversify and compete with each other so there's something to it.

Posted by: Amarsir | Nov 24, 2010 4:30:12 AM

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