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January 30, 2011

Weekend Pictorial – Our Cups Runneth Over… With Guilt! – 01/30/2011

 All We Wanted Was a Cup With Coffee

Cup with a Cause

Celebrity Coffee Cup This cup, not unlike that annoying girl in your art history class, has a cause. And not just any cause, but a cause supported by a celebrity!

And what if you don’t purchase a celebrity-designed coffee cup to help 7-11 support celebrity causes?

What, you like cancer?

Hey, a Used Coffee Sleeve!

100% Recycled

This “ecotainer” coffee sleeve is made of 100% recycled fiber 60% of which is considered “post-consumer.”  What is “pre-consumer" fiber then? It’s not exactly recycled, it's just the stuff industries have left over after they’ve made something else.

For the record, we have long been ardent supporters of cycling.

Paying Too Much, One Cup at a Time

Yet another ecotainer we came across this past week informs us that we are "making a difference - one cup at a time."

One Cup at a Time

What if you, too, would like to be "making a difference - one cup at a time?"

Unless you want to hear from Internationl Paper's trademark lawyers, we suggest you find some other way to make a difference. 

We're thinking, "one spork at a time."





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