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October 16, 2011

Weekend Pictorial – College Football Pregame Edition

What could people possibly be waiting in line for at 8:59 AM on a Saturday morning? 

Waiting in Line

The release of the iPhone 4S? 

A DOE solar energy loan giveaway

The answer is actually more pathetic:

First Call at the Skeller

It was the highly anticipated routine 9:00 AM opening of the Rathskeller, a famous dive bar in State College, Pennsylvania, home of the Penn State Nittany Lions.

I had just come from my favorite local coffee shop (following a 200-mile drive up from Washington, DC) and so had a muffin and a coffee with me.  Regardless, I fell into line, walked by the sign that said, “No outside food or beverages allowed,” gave a “you obviously don’t need to see my ID” nod to the bouncer, ordered a shot of whiskey, and settled in to enjoy my Macgyver Irish coffee..

Joined later by some friends, I went through all the normal motions of a pregame college Saturday tradition, one I have followed for longer than I care to admit, with one exception:

I decided to skip the game part.

For years, Penn State has saddled its fans with ever rising ticket prices, parking fees, a building spree that has pushed tailgaters farther from the stadium and a web of increasingly petty and nonsensical rules including one that forbids setting an EZ-Up tent on pavement and another that forbids the drinking of beer on grassy areas. That resulted one wet Saturday morning in our party having to set  up our tent on the median, but having to stand in the rain to drink our beer.

At least when professional sports teams vacuum money out of your wallet they try to throw you a bone, say, more comfortable seats or upgraded beer choices and food.  At Penn State you squeeze yourself into the same awful bench seats (seemingly engineered to properly handle the average sized Japanese female), the same awful food and NO beer!

While the stadium still fills up, we did notice an old favorite bar of ours unusually deserted that afternoon:

The Den at Peak Time

Maybe President Obama was scheduled to speak there.

Regardless, I’ll still make my way back up there another Saturday this fall.

I’d hate to not miss a game.


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I followed up the coffee and whiskey with bloody marys, so let's just say you got your wish and leave it at that. ;)

Posted by: Planet Moron | Oct 17, 2011 12:45:24 PM

As A WVU fan, I hope you suffered.

Posted by: John | Oct 17, 2011 1:58:46 AM

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