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August 29, 2012

Night 1 of the GOP Convention: The War on The Women Folk

The Republicans’ well-known “war on women” was on full display last night as they continued their unrelenting assault on “the fairer sex.”

Take for example, this woman:

Can anyone think of a greater show of disrespect than electing someone to be the first woman governor of South Carolina? And then as if to add insult to injury, giving her a prime-time speaking spot at their national presidential nominating convention?

Apparently, Republicans think there is only one proper place for a woman: “Barefoot and governing.”

 This is in marked contrast to the respect Democrats routinely show for the difficult personal choices women make in life. Take for example, Juan Williams who said of Mitt Romney’s wife, Anne, following her well-recieved speech to the convention:

“She looks like a corporate wife.”

It’s almost like he respects women too much.

“Those stories she told about struggles, it’s hard for me to believe.”

We agree. Multiple sclerosis?  Pffft. Sure, it’s an incurable disease, but you call that struggle? Breast cancer? What kind of a struggle is that? You want struggle?

Try paying for your own birth control. Now that’s a “woman’s issue.”  We bet Anne Romney has never been faced with the prospect of having to choose between a $14 pack of spermicidal jelly and the $40,000-a-year tuition at Georgetown University. 

Those are the choices “real” women have to make every day. Not choosing which difficult MS treatment might best allow you to see your children grow up and marry.

And here’s another well-known Democrat displaying the deep, natural respect all liberals have for career women:

Is there really anything more empowering than being told, “Hold on one second sweetie?”

Answer: “No. No there is not.”

The GOP’s war on women was in fact so brutal that MSNBC thought it better to shield their viewers from the disturbing images including the deplorable treatment of minority women.  There they were, put on display as if they were nothing more than powerful political players successfully making their way in the world through their own merit and hard work.

This dystopian vision of an America in which women are relentlessly valued as equals fully capable of making their own decisions in life is in marked contrast to the far more respectful Democratic view of women as frail wards of the state in need of constant aid and helpful guidance lest they whither away.

Those poor dears!

Will this seemingly endless assault on women continue tonight?  We don’t know, we are only thankful that MSNBC’s Chris Matthews will be there reporting on it.

He’s kind of an expert, you know.


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The only women the Dems like are protitutes. Not street-corner hookers, mind you, but the full monty protitutes; those that protitute their words, thoughts, conscience, and impugn the words and deeds of others. Cutter comes to mind. Natalie Portman and Sandra Fluke are sock-puppets in training next to Cutter.

Posted by: John | Aug 30, 2012 12:29:10 AM

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