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October 03, 2013

Our National Nightmare Day 3

As anyone who follows mainstream news knows, the government shutdown is due solely to the intransigence of extremely right wing extremist Republicans who are also extreme.  Why can’t they just compromise?

And so to help break the logjam, President Obama invited congressional leaders to the White House yesterday evening to see if they could all come to an agreement that the President’s position was the only right one.

Obama Shutdown

Damn those uncompromising extreme Republicans!

Also, you’re a hater.

In addition to refusing Republicans’ request to negotiate because they were unwilling to negotiate, the President also made sure to fulfill his office’s traditional role in ensuring that the peace is kept and people remain calm despite the uncertainty of our current shutdown crisis. 

He did this by suggesting that now would be a good time for a financial panic.

Wall Street Panic

Elsewhere, when asked if he would support a House proposal to fund the NIH if it could “help one child who has cancer” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid demonstrated the sharp political instincts he has honed over decades in office and responded,

Why would we want to do that? I have 1,100 people at Nellis Air Force base that are sitting home.”

Say what you want, the man is a pro.

And finally, the Park Service continues to set up elaborate barricades to close off open areas that are usually left unattended 24/7, including, we noticed, the “scenic overlooks” (basically small parking lots) on the side of the George Washington Parkway near Planet Moron’s headquarters. 

Scenic Overlook Closed

Why would it be in any way necessary to barricade open areas that are highly visible and popular to the public?

Because you want to make sure people see that the government is shut down.

Otherwise, they might not notice.


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