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December 12, 2013

We Have Them Right Where They Want Us

This week, fiscally conservative budget cutter Congressman Paul Ryan managed to reach an historic agreement with his liberal Senate colleague, Patty Murray, in which spending will be cut, the deficit will be reduced, and taxes held steady.

How did he accomplish this monumental feat?

By agreeing to a deal in which spending will be raised, the deficit enlarged, and taxes increased.

William Shatner’s got nothing on this guy.

Interestingly, Congressman Ryan, who as we mentioned before, is a fiscally conservative budget cutter, points out that his budget deal actually reduces spending AND the deficit.  Well, not now.  Next year and the year after discretionary spending increases by over $60 billion.  But just you wait, once 2022 rolls around, we’ll be rolling in spending cuts.


The fiscally conservative budget cutter also asserts that his plan does not raise taxes, only “user fees,” which unlike taxes, is spelled completely differently.

Some might point out that increasing user fees on, for example, airline passengers, so as to offset increased defense and domestic spending that has nothing whatsoever to do with airlines could possibly be considered a hidden tax.

In the words of fiscally conservative budget cutter John Boehner, those people are “ridiculous.”

There is the question of why a deal had to be done at all.  Had the sequester cuts simply been left in place, discretionary spending would have gone down in 2014 and 2015 rather than going up under Congressman Ryan’s budget cutting-ish plan.

But that would have meant the Pentagon would have had to get by on $500 billion dollars next year as opposed to $520 billion.

What if we once again find ourselves in a position where we have to bomb a country that hasn’t attacked us?  What then?  Are you going to be the one to tell those brave young men and women in uniform, “I’m sorry, but you won’t be required to place yourself in mortal danger not defending the United States?"  Well, are you?

We didn’t think so.

Now all we can do is hope they can successfully sneak it through Congress in 36 hours before anyone can think about it.

After all, taking into account your supporters' opinions can be so… messy.


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