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June 17, 2020

Coronavirus Cases Are On The Rise Where They Are On The Rise!

You’ve seen various versions of the same alarming headlines:

Coronavirus Cases Are On The Rise!

In fact, it’s pretty much been the same headline for months, and it’s absolutely true.

At any given time, Coronavirus cases are in fact rising.


Where? Well, that changes from week to week. Remember when we were told that Georgia would have "blood on its hands" because it was reopening too soon? How about Virginia which has been reopening for weeks now?

Georgia Virginia

Yeah, we aren’t talking about that so much now. We've moved on. Now we’re talking about Texas and Florida!


Oh my goodness we’re all going to die!!

If we live in Texas or Florida.

This week, anyway.

How's the country doing overall?


Yeah, not much useful here to induce the desired levels of hysteria.

In other words, the news story you are about to see is true, the names have been changed to protect the narrative.

Stay Obedient.

Stay Submissive.

Save Politicians.


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