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July 01, 2020

White Male Captured On Video Being White!

A white man, who it is important to point out is white, was caught on video threatening a group of peaceful protesters who had “entered” a private community by peacefully snapping a wrought iron gate in half and then marching towards his house.

Despite the crowd’s obviously benign intent, as evidenced by their friendly and amicable screaming and yelling, the man rudely pointed out that they were on private property and should leave.

The peaceful protestors naturally took offense at this gratuitously accurate accusation, but somehow managed to maintain their composure long enough to respectfully suggest that they would perhaps murder the man.

And his wife.

Also his dog.

And then burn down his house.

And his office

The extremely white man, whose whiteness is almost unnerving, completely overreacted to these non-belligerent threats of murder and arson and retrieved a firearm. He gave one to his wife as well who was also white and by all accounts appeared to be a woman by birth and not choice.

It is important that we note here that the man and his wife (and dog) live in a “mansion.” This bit of information is absolutely essential for you to understand the story in its proper context.

This would be in contrast to the wholly unimportant detail that the man happens to be a civil rights attorney, currently representating an African-American male in a police brutality case and that the couple are broadly supportive of Black Lives Matter.

That would be a distraction.

As a result of this encounter with the blindingly white man, allies of the peacefully enraged protesters benevolently posted all the man’s personal information on the Internet, after which non-violent death threats were made against him, his family, and his employees

As you might rightly suspect, the local prosecutor is now investigating the whiter than white couple for their unprovoked actions.

Because we can’t permit such recklessness to go unpunished. That’s how you get anarchy.


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