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August 10, 2020

‘We Have Her Back’ Wait, When Did She Leave?

A new group called, “We Have Her Back,” has helpfully put together an instruction manual for the media regarding how they are to cover Joe Biden’s pick for vice president.

The group was formed by women from a number of existing groups including NARAL, Planned Parenthood,  TimesUp, and other totally nonpartisan organizations that nonpartisanly support exclusively progressive issues including the Democratic vice presidential nominee whomever that turns out to be.

“We Have Her Back” wants to ensure that the VP pick is not treated unfairly by the media, particularly black and brown women.

It should be noted before we go any farther that in nonpartisan progressive circles there is a strict hierarchy of victimhood that must be adhered to and mentioned at every opportunity. In the letter “We Have Her Back” sent to their media servants independent journalists this was on full display:

“Given how few women have reached this point, the sometimes disappointing coverage of the process to date and the double standards we’ve seen in the public and media expectations of women leaders over the years-and even more so for Black and Brown women leaders…”

“Women have been subject to stereotypes and tropes about qualifications, leadership, looks, relationships and experience. Those stereotypes are often amplified and weaponized for Black and Brown women.”

“Attempts at legitimate investigations of a candidate have repeatedly turned into misguided stories that perpetuate impressions of women as inadequate leaders, and Black and Brown women as worse.”

“Reporting on and using pictures of a woman’s, particularly black women, show of anger at injustice or any other kind of passion in communication perpetuates racist tropes…”

It’s not clear why the letter did not note that media coverage is super-duper double worse if you are a black or brown LGBTQ handicapped undocumented woman.

The group notes that:

“Reporting, even as asides in a story, on a woman’s looks, weight, tone of voice, attractiveness and hair is sexist news coverage unless the same analysis is applied to every candidate”

Of course, an analysis of  looks, weight, tone of voice, attractiveness and hair has been applied to male candidates for years.

But when you do it to a woman it’s sexist because of course it is.

You also can’t report on a woman’s relationship with her staff, whether or not she is likeable, her electability, nor can you show any pictures of women, particularly black and brown women, when they are angry.

Sure, all of these things have been reported on for years with male candidates but on the other hand shut up.

Why is it important that the media not report unflattering things about a female candidate?

Because “We Have Her Back” believes that women, even more so for black and brown women, are so strong, so independent, and so powerful, that they must be shielded from any and all criticism whatsoever.

It’s easy to see why it is necessary, now more than ever, to confront the systematic sexism and racism that is so rampant in this country.

In fact, we are so sexist and racist that not only are we seeing a record numbers of races that include only women, but a record number of races that include non-white women.

Yeah, it’s gotten that bad.

Fortunately, we have “We Have Her Back” to see to it that these record numbers of women running for office this November are not oppressed by the oppressive American oppressors who just recently voted for them to secure their respective parties' nomination.

“We are here to help you with this challenge. We would be happy to meet and continue to engage on these issues.”

They really do "have her back."

It's not clear who has yours, though.


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