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August 18, 2020

White Vegans: The New Ku Klux Klan

You may not know this, but food is now considered “owned” by members of whatever culture originally produced it and can only be claimed by individual members of the race associated with that culture or who “look like them.”

Please note, this is not in the least bit racist.

If you prepare, enjoy, and promote a food, and you are not a member of the culture that created it, or look like the members of that culture, you are “appropriating” it.

Again, not racist.

And this turns “racialized people away,” racialized people being people who are not white, which apparently ceased being a race at some point.  (Kind of embarrassing, we have always prided ourselves on keeping up with the news.)

This, too, is not even remotely a racist viewpoint.

It was important that we clear that up early.

According to reporter Anya Zoledziowskian of Vice, these “white vegans” have been “appropriating traditional foods forever.”

Vegan Instagrammer Afia Amoako adds, “they often touted recipes such as ‘African peanut stew’ or ‘Asian stir fry’ that rely on racial stereotypes.”

Which is totally outrageous. Well, sure, your author was personally introduced to African peanut stew years ago by a coworker who was from Western Africa where she had noted that it is a common staple, but it’s now totally racist to make such an obvious and factual observation about food (even if in the same breath people are claiming those very foods for exclusive promotion by their culture or race).

So, in order for you to make and promote, say, Mexican tacos, you must be Mexican. That’s NOT racist.  However if you suggest tacos are Mexican and that Mexcians eat them, that IS racist. 

It’s best if you don’t think about it too much.

As black vegan influencer Tabitha Brown noted, she used to think vegans were “white ladies who do yoga.”

Which is not at all a racial stereotype and so you are not permitted to condemn it, note it, or even mention it, so forget about it already.

Also, while not noted in the article, white ladies “culturally appropriated” yoga, too. (Surprised they missed that one.)

According to the article,

“Even pop star Lizzo has come out as vegan, coupling her new diet with the body positivity movement and racial justice.”

The keys to health have been updated it would appear:

Out: Diet and exercise

In: Diet and racial justice

That should keep those unwanted pounds off.

Emani Corcran, another vegan Instagrammer, places the blame for the “vegan girl” stereotype on the media. As the author puts it:

“This imagery ignores ‘the roots of a lot of cultures’ and risks conflating Western understanding of ‘whole foods’ or ‘organic foods’ with whiteness, instead of paying homage to cultures teeming with vegetables, grains, and legumes.”

No doubt, when white people prepare a dish of vegetable biryani, whole roasted cauliflower with zaatar spice and tahini sauce, or spicy eggplant with Szechuan sauce, the first thought that comes to their minds is:

“Wow, gotta love this traditional all-American white food. Thank you Thomas Jefferson!”

In other goings on at Vice, their culinary director, Farideh Sadeghin, is famous for her chicken parmesan.

Funny, Sadeghin doesn’t sound Italian…


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