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October 07, 2020

Michelle Obama Is Very Disappointed In You

We should note up front that Michelle Obama hates politics. She has said so herself. She has no interest in it whatsoever preferring to stay above the fray.

With that in mind, here is her 432nd political statement this year:

It appears Michelle Obama is very unhappy with you. You can tell she is very unhappy with you in part by her breathy delivery. The breathier it is, the more exasperated she is with you.

That, or she has Covid.

Part of the problem she has with you is your obsession over a “tiny fraction” of the protests that turned into violent riots.

You really have to keep these things in perspective. It’s not unlike Lincoln’s evening at the Ford Theater where only a “tiny fraction” of those in attendance assassinated him.

Suddenly everyone wants to make a big deal about it.


We just need to accept, as Nancy Pelosi put it, that “People will do what they do.”

Among the things “people will do” absent any consequences is shoot police, burn down buildings, loot small businesses, block major roadways, and assault diners who refuse to bend to their will.

Somehow that that has grabbed everyone’s attention.

Michelle Obama is particularly disappointed in the obvious racism of it all. Here are some of the violent rioter’s mug shots Andy Ngo has been documenting. Look at their faces and tell us race has nothing to do with it:

Okay  these are not racist.

Also not racist.

Not racist.

Aha! One-half, to one-third racist.

This constant chronicling of predominantly white radicals committing acts of violence nationwide has got to stop if we're ever going to do anything about racism.

Still not convinced? We encourage you to go back and watch the video again. Ignore the lack of any identifiable facts, forget about the minimizing of the death and destruction wrought by the violence, and dismiss her accusing anyone who believes that death and destruction is a bad thing of being racist and just open your mind.

And listen to the breathiness.


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Those BLM protesters are really scary-looking.

MO is better looking than a BLM protester, but her ideas (not to mention her apparent allergy to truth) is just as scary.

Posted by: bluebird of bitterness | Oct 8, 2020 11:44:17 AM

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