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October 02, 2020

The Week In White Supremacy 10/2/2020

According to all the white people on TV and all the white people in the White House press corps, it was a pretty good week for white supremacy.

First, the President appeared to refuse to use the precise words the media would have used in the exact order and with the same inflection they would have preferred in denouncing white supremacy during a debate with Joe Biden.

Even his press secretary refused to read off the prepared script Fox’s John Roberts had thoughtfully prepared for her.

Yes, the President may have condemned white supremacy on 20 previous occasions, but you can always tell you’re dealing with a true white supremacist when they refuse to condemn it the 21st time.

That’s when you know.

In other news, one of the white supremacist organization that President Trump did not denounce often enough, “Proud Boys” flagrantly used their white privilege to protect People of Color (POC) from left-wing agitators in “CHAZ.”

Interestingly, their international chairman is black, and they have managed to attract quite a few non-white people to their ranks:

We don’t know about you, but if you can attract African-Americans to your white supremacist organization, you have one hell of a recruiting operation.

In other news, completely irrelevant person comes out against systemic racism.


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